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The Sensual Spanker

My Boston friend you know who you are. I begged for it because I am such a slut. I showed you the implements – the ominous black triple leather strap and my famous Purple Passion double-sided paddle. I sensed your hesitancy at first but what a natural you are. Each slap was delivered with care and combined with dirty talk and judging by the hardness I felt underneath me, was turning you on. I know you are not sadistic, only sensuality emanates from your pores. I’m not a masochist but I know I can be naughty and need to be taken over the knee sometimes. I always welcome a smooth hand to my ample bottom but there is always room for next time.

The massage from head to toe with the fur side of my the paddle was incredibly erotic. You creating extraordinary out of ordinary.

Sometimes spontaneity can be so much better than you ever expected. 🙂

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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