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Why is Bi a Bad Word?

Recently, a friend posted on my facebook feed about how bisexuality is more discriminated against than being gay. I couldn’t agree more. I am bisexual and I love bisexual men. Whenever, I go to a lesbian bar, lesbians don’t want to talk to you because you are not “gay” and if you go to a bi-party the women are often just looking to experiment.

This is the reason I formed my private club, CSSC. I want men who identify as bisexual to feel they had a discreet and fun place to play while women joined in as sexy spectators. There is nothing that I find hotter than watching to men express themselves sexually with one another. Many of the men lead largely heterosexual lives but there is a carnal desire to be with a man.

People who are bi are really just “sexually confident.” We don’t wear our sexuality like a badge of honor. It is part of who we are but it does not define who we are.

As someone with a vast amount of sexual experience, I have found that most are at least curious and have fantasized about being with someone of the same sex. Experimentation is what makes us more open-minded and empathetic as people, by putting ourselves in a different pair of shoes.

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