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A Dark Odyssey

When we are young we are told, never to stay away from fire.  How ironic, that I found myself fascinated with fireplay or the need to just take my boundaries to a different level.  Pyrosadist, a skilled Dominant I met during the Dark Odyssey conference, lit me on fire with, burning my soul without ever leaving a scar on my body.

Aside from Sunday brunch on the Upper Floor at, this trip to San Francisco was really special.  Pushing my boundaries with fireplay was huge but more that, it solidified why I find the lifestyle so special.  I can be whoever I want to be – one night I am submissive, the next dominant.  Every scene is different and will leave a different impact on you depending on who you are playing with.  I made some wonderful friends and came to some stunning realizations about myself and my future.

Its a deep head space to be in for a few days but a cleansing one.  After attending my second event, I understand why they call it “Dark Odyssey”.  It is a journey in pushing the exploration of an individual’s sexuality, regardless o where there starting point is.

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