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Vanilla is Quite Tasty…

I happen to think vanilla is quite tasty.  I happen to think there is more creativity in vanilla than people give it credit for.  Have you put your tongue in someone’s mouth not asking or wanting them to kiss you back?  How soft their tongue feels as you explore the inside  of  such an intimate cavity? Have you undressed someone slowly?  Button by button, piece by piece it all come from their body.

It isn’t all about the finish.   Our world is so caught up in instant gratification that we forget to savor carnal indulgences.  Have you ever laid naked on top of someone without demanding their cock be inside of you?  Have you ever shown appreciation for a bare pussy by just petting it?  Not the labia or clit but the top part.  Your hair tickling your partner’s skin.  You are getting warmer.  The room is getting warmer.  The sweat slowly begins to form because the anticipation is so great.

Our brains are predisposed to sex not the senses. We need to change that and our orgasms will change.  I have had orgasms that were not vaginal but extremely powerful because all of my senses were fully charged and ironically my clothes were on.

Yes, vanilla is tasty if you are willing to try it in its purity.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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  • Kary

    good to hear that you enjoy a lil’ vanilla from time to time, cuz from reading your blog, one would think that you are not too fond of it kink queen, lol

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