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Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory


An average Tuesday night in Greenwich, CT.

I made him stand in the middle of the room, fully clothed, with only my Hermes scarf tied around his eyes. He looked liked a fashionable hostage about to be executed, only this execution would come in the form of something much slower, seductive and delicious.

Deliberately, I stood in front of him, not moving. I jammed my knee into his crotch. I slowly walked behind him and jammed my knee into his ass, forcing his legs further apart. Obediently he stood. One by one the shirt came unbuttoned.  In micro-movements, I allowed the shirt to slip off his back as my shaved head brushed back and forth between his shoulder blades and down to his tail bone.

My toys of choice was chili-laced chocolate. Forcing his mouth open with the chocolate richness, our tongues slowly melted the chocolate.  His cock begging for attention but still receiving non.  Then, taking another square, I carefully placed it on a knife and spitting all over it, covering it with lube, I began to play with his sensitive parts…  Soon, much of the surface area of his body, covered in spicy chocolate.  Oh, what a feast that was.

Time to wash him off, only this time I would be standing over him as he laid down in the shower.  Still blindfolded he  knew what was next but didn’t. My warm champagne cascaded down on his body while at the same time I poured the chilled French champagne on him that I had in my hand.    I couldn’t resist what was next.  A special treat on top of a special treat.   Glamazon had to make her entrance, nobody keeps the pink glittery strap-on in the corner.  Slowly I fucked his mouth and he took it all so obediently that I had to perch myself over him and masturbate before giving him the delight of his life…

Seduction in Greenwich.

The End.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan, xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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