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In a couple of hours, I will be attending a workshop at the Paddles dungeon in Chelsea.  They are hosting Siobhan Phoenix, BDSM and Kink lecturer on a class that will teach people how to play sensually and creatively without having to use to use toys.  I am extremely curious about this workshop.  It sounds intriguing and you never know if I am missing out on some valuable information that will be to the benefit of those that I play with.

My tongue is pretty ferocious already and I have discovered new erogenous zones but I am sure there are innovative ways to use this curvy figure God gave me.

Saturday I am looking forward to some threesome naughtiness. I am supposed to be meeting up with a couple from Dark Odyssey that I met in February.  I am craving knife play and I’m hoping tomorrow I will get my wish!

Enjoy the weekend!  I will write again Monday…

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan  xx