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Living In The Time of The Collar

Living as a slave is something I have done since He properly trained me. Living as slut is just natural to me.  Living as a collared slave will be the life I aspire to.

This life isn’t for everyone. Most people are quite puzzled by it because when they meet me I seem so “vanilla and normal.” lol  What are you expecting?  Yes, I go to church every Sunday and I tithe.  I am pro-life.  My strong faith is what gives me the strength to navigate this journey.  A slave’s journey is isolating but liberating too.  You learn to get v. intimate with yourself.  You push your selflessness and vulnerability to unconscious levers.  No, you don’t become a martyr but you develop an inner strength and confidence that supersedes outside influences.  This is what creates the trust, patience and resolve to make your Master’s happiness and needs, your own.

His mark of ownership will be there for men and women who fuck me to see.  Isn’t it generous of Him to loan me out?  He knows it makes be a better slave because I learn so much from others.

We don’t communicate unless He reaches out to me.  We won’t see one another unless he requests me to be at his feet.  He travels all over the world and yet his physical location makes no difference because I feel His energy always.

I am in no hurry.  He waits for me patiently.  He sees my progress and though there is no praise I know he is proud because He is still there.

Thanks for allowing me to share this.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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