I read this and it reminded of how I felt when I got divorced in 2005. Not so much sadness but a sense of relief …and faith that I hadn’t yet discovered who I was and almost 10 years later, I finally have.

Lady Fuckwit

Divorce conceptNo tears from me, as the transitional nature of moving from one phase to another in our lives often leaves us temporarily on unsolid ground. The ensuing turmoil when mistakes are made, when lashing out becomes the order of the day and when fear irks our hearts. The period of time between solid-ground is not a time for tears, but a time for bravery.

You know it is over when there is no bravery in their eyes, no respect shown in their behavior, angry silences, unspoken hatred burning twisting and turning deep within, when blame and seething are the only certainties, then it is time to walk away. When there is no effort to engage beyond responses to proposed questions, that is when only one person is trying at any given time. Then the courage to finally say enough is enough and to take the step to leave underhanded, subconscious…

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