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I have become a huge fan of The Erotic Review.  The boards are a great place to get info about the profession from both the hobbyist and the ladies’ POV.   There are many boards out there of course, by TER, is the easiest to navigate and has the best class of gentlemen.   I can often be found on the “Politics & Religion” board playing mental footsies with the hobbyists over the latest hot-button political and social issues.

Among all the fun, kinky and light topics discussed, there is always mention of  LE stings  on the different state discussion boards.  One hobbyist was honest in saying how important it was for the “John” to protect themselves and that if a girl was NOT screening to beware.

I understand why men believe there is safety in anonymity and outright lying in some cases when contacting a provider.  Those aren’t the people I want to spend time with.  What they fail to see is that in this case, there is more safety in transparency and to a certain degree there is anonymity too.  You are paying me for my discretion and my ability to understand your needs beyond just the physical.  Otherwise, you could just go to a bar and meet someone and enter into the unknown.

Sometimes we have to write about what may be uncomfortable and boring to create awareness.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx