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Its All Greek To Me

Sometimes you need to be fucked in the ass. I can’t be flowery and pretty about because the ass is not a pretty place. Its dirty, mysterious, scary and well, really hot and erotic too.

In full disclosure, my ass and I have a dysfunctional relationship. It begs to be used and yet I often neglect it. I have a cone I need to train on every day that would make your head spin. Instead, it just sits like a desk ornament you get from your boss for good service.

Today I plugged myself and my cheeks took to the silicone like a duck to water. I was ready. My ass was happy.

Ive just been fucked in the ass, quite deliciously. Perfect thickness, perfect cock. Sweetheart of a man with the mouth of a truck driver in the bedroom. I like it raunchy. There is nothing sexier then when a man let’s go of all his inhibitions in front of me.

He felt warm and delicious inside of me. I just met this man for the first time 20 minutes prior and now he was in my most sacred of all places. His words truly nasty and dirty, that were, pardon my french, pretty fucking hot.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.


  • micklively

    Anal has never appealed to me, both from a hygiene stance and because causing pain or discomfort is a complete turn-off for me. My only rectal foray was at the request of a Thai lady in Singapore. I don’t think she enjoyed it either.

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