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Power Play

I am enjoying my time with a man who is currently exploring his Dominant desire with me.  We played yesterday and although he is a novice in p/e, it is fun to teach and explore together.   It had been awhile since we last met so I think he was a little nervous.  I’m gentle though and always find that adding a little humor always relaxes any degree of nervousness.

He tied me up in basic wrist knots, secure enough so that I couldn’t break free.  Then came play time – the crop came out, meeting my skin in places not ever seen in public. Then came the flogger.  A different feel but a delicious sting nonetheless.

His cock sliding in between my breasts and like the overachiever I reached my tongue out to lick it.  He began to fuck my mouth.

Then we reversed the roles…I made him bend over and thank me nicely for each flogging he received on his ass. 11 to be exact.  My vampire gloves grazed over his back, ever so gently, while my tongue softly probed him.  I commanded him to turn over so that I could straddle him, showing no mercy as I bit his nipples and caressed his chest.

A sensual dominance lesson learned.  Power play at its best.

Yours truly,

Your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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