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Spanking Man Pays a Visit

I was beginning to think he had vanished into thin air but then I got an email from Spanking Man.  Yes, you can imagine what he enjoys doing.  We have alot of fun together and it never disappoints.

Teasing him with his weakness, I wore the perfect outfit and it did the trick because no time was wasted.  The next thing I know, we are on the bed and his hand is hitting my bare ass over and over.  I know he noted the implements I had carefully laid out for him  because I soon felt the delicious sting of the paddle.

My mouth on his cock. Sweaty bodies as he inserted his fingers inside me and watch me cum. Finally, he flipped me over and in modified greek style exploded all over me.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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  • Paul

    That sounds like a really great time! I definately have to visit you, but we can reverse roles, or have your friend join us!

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