A Slave’s Dream Cum True…

Persistence pays off.  It took 1 Fetlife email, 1 gmail introduction and later a follow-up email to get the great Maestro Stefanos attention.  In case you don’t know who he is, he is the Steward for Kink.com’s The Upper Floor, where slave’s are used and train into high-protocol proper slaves.  When I was trained by my ex-Master, we had always discussed me going to the Upper Floor if I went to San Francisco and now I have my chance.  This is a slave’s dream cum true..

Tomorrow evening starting at 7pm will be an evening like no other have EVER experienced and it will be filmed!  I am so excited.  My friend Isadora is joining me.  I do hope that I will get to be used thoroughly and have an opportunity to wreak some havoc of my own!

photo credit: the upper floor

Tune in at 7pm PST to watch Club Night Live…

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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4 thoughts on “A Slave’s Dream Cum True…

  1. Please do me a favor. I have the impression that he is either Greek or of Greek origin. His name is Greek. I would love to know that if possible. Well, I guess all now know my origin as well.

    Enjoy your moment my friend.I am happy for you

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