Why Scents Make a Sensual Story…

I always was of the belief that scent on a man more often than not was downright offensive.  That is beginning to change.  Perhaps it is my 37 years of age, maybe my senses are maturing, however,  my olfactory nerves have been particularly sensitive lately – in a good way.

I almost got married 3 years after getting divorced in 2005.  That man was an Asian businessman who wore Cartier.  The woodsy, spicy scent was perfect for a man so masculine and I always carried a vile of it with me because he traveled so much and that was my reminder.   He died of heart attack at 42 years of age. That scent was never the same for me…

I tell that story because while we shy away from strong scents on each other, they can create sensual stories and secret, long-lasting memories perfumed desire so ripe that we blush and smile every time it comes to mind.

Inhaling a man’s spiciness as my mouth trails down his body is the sexiest thing for me.

On that note,  I came across this article in Esquire UK, my favorite men’s magazine (besides Robb Report) that gives insight into the sexiest scents for the summer…

Take note and inhale deeply.

credit:  James Bond

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