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Thank You, Master P.

A few days ago while searching wordpress for other BDSM blogs, I came across Master P’s musing, DominationSubmission.  I am hooked, so please excuse the reblogs.

He articulates his perspective with conviction, knowledge, wisdom, empathy and an air of Mystery.  It is one of the few blogs written from my a Dominant Male’s perspective that is worth reading and recommending to others, at any experience level.  We  have even emailed a few times and he is just as eloquent in his private correspondence as he is public musings.

I am more comfortable talking about sharing a bit of this private part of myself with you because I have grown more confident in who I am.   It shapes my dominance but also mellows out the vanilla life I lead.

You may be a voyeur or perhaps curious but bis writing clearly helps you to understand what true power dynamic is all about.  It is not 50 Shades of Grey.  It is an illustration of selflessness, the epitome of vulnerability and openness from one to another, no questions.   No second guessing. No ulterior motives.  It is finding inner peace in serving another’s needs and desires.

In truth, it took awhile to come into my own as an adult slave.  People always say it is about the journey not the destination.  I never really understood what that meant until now.

Thanks for listening my friends.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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