Urban Energy “O”Bounds

Sunday’s experience is still with me.  I have courage and openness in a way I didn’t have before.   When Barbara Carrellas first demonstrated the breath and energy orgasm, my mouth dropped to the floor without even opening.  (I had to safe face somehow)  She was  breathing deep and fluid and it was obvious, whether it was emanating from her genitals or not that she was having a pretty intense orgasm. I thought it was amazing that she could get to such a divine, blissful place in a room full of people.  I realized at the moment how in touch with herself she is.

When we worked with our partners, it wasn’t automatic for me.  It took quite some time working on the breath before I was in a completely relaxed state.  No pressure.  As I described in yesterday’s post, it was a state of pure bliss, but non-sexual bliss.  My heart was open.  My senses were soaring. I felt the heat of love, unconditional love of oneself.

What I realized is that people seek Tantra out to open themselves up to others but it is a practice of opening yourself up to the most important person, yourself.

I am grateful.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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