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From Greenwich with Love… xx

You thought you knew everything.  Your disguise was clever.  The hotel maintenance man.  I let you in but I am hurried and stern about it.  You were convincing.    The bag was the first giveaway.  I couldn’t help but snoop. After all,  I knew something was going down and its my responsibility to be alert and able to react on a moment’s notice… my name is Miss Switch (last time I checked one of my passports).

“How much experience do you have?” I probed casually as I ransacked his bagged pulling out unsavory evidence that would be used against him later.  ” Many years…Miss Switch. In the industry and with the hotel…”  He replied just as casually from behind the bathroom door.   Something wasn’t right. Minutes go by and the stillness turns to deadly silence.  Could he be?  Surely, he wasn’t.   That is when everything changed.

Bursting through the bathroom door I find the “maintenance man”  exactly as I suspected…as “Pussy L’Whore.”    She was smirking and holding  “her” signature NARS lipstick, the weapon of choice, that could not only seduce you and kill you but also transmit all conversation before self-destruction.

How did I know it was  Pussy L’Whore?  Those black patent-leather 5″ thigh high boots of course.  We tussled.  A high-class cross-dressed spy is no match for Miss Switch.  I knew the dossier on her better than I knew my own name. The Hermes scarf went around her eyes and the interrogation began….

Pussy was relentless and not easy to break.  Even after forced oral strap-on play, wedgies and some flogging & spanking…Pussy would not give in.  At one point, I was even the vulnerable one…weakened for a moment by Pussy’s charms and sexual confidence (which made her such a good spy).  I happily would have sucked her cock all the live-long day but keeping your wits about you is key.

I made Pussy prance around like the high-class call girl, her dossier said she was.  I tore off Pussy’s flimsy lingerie.  The black fishnet body stocking, the french lace panties.  Gone.  Thanks to Pussy’s own handy-dandy switch blade.

I finally broke Pussy.  How did I finally do it?  Let’s just say..I came up with a creative waterboarding technique that involves Veuve Cliquot champagne and Cool Whip.  Oh yes, wet and messy it got.

In the end, there was peace in the world.  That’s all that really matters, right? 😉

‘Til next time, my friends..



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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