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I spent the day in Barbara Carrella’s Urban Tantra workshop.   She is a wonderfully real teacher who appreciates that not everyone will connect immediately through the energy and breath work that leads to ecstasy.    I was lucky enough to experience a bit of that though…

Tantra is a practice focused on the breath and moving that breath through your chakras, or central energy points – such as your genitals, your heart, your throat, your head and your stomach.  I realize I may be oversimplifying it but I am giving you my summary from yesterday’s workshop.   When I began the first exercise,  the 2nd hour into the workshop,  I actually fell asleep with the soundtrack of the 35 other individuals’ moans and groans in the distant background.   What was different about Barbara’s approach was how she didn’t make you feel as if you were doing anything wrong, whatever your body was naturally feeling was what was right.  This is allowing that natural energy to flow.

After one workshop I am not claiming to be anything but energized by the experience and wanting to share it with you…

My friend, Isadora is a Tantrika with Jade Lotus Tantra out of Washington DC.  We met at Dark Odyssey and became fast friends.  She was a bystander during what she called   ” a fucking intense scene” that took place between myself and the DO Dominant who rocked my world.   A few weeks later, I hear she is heading to NYC for this workshop and I had the luxury of partnering with her.

The exercise started out with us gazing at each other while breathing.  Then as we acquainted ourselves, we began to visualize the other in the child-state and as the elder-self.    With every breath, our consent to be touched went farther.   At first it was just our arms and shoulders, then we began exploring our legs, hips, feeling each other’s  bodies, breathing in one another’s scent.

My senses never felt more alive.  The air was warm and moist.  Isadora smelled like the island of Bali.  I had never been but I imagined it to be paradise.  Our backs humped one   another as we breathed deeply, creating a heat, a deep friction.  This was the energy that Barbara was talking about.  This was the “breath and energy orgasm”.  It didn’t have to emanate from my genitals but I was in the ecstatic state of being for a few moments.  What a beautiful place it was.

Tantra was always something that had intrigued me but I realized that I need to be in the right place in my life to take it in and practice it.  I am growing leaps and bounds on many levels.  There is evidence that the energy is flowing abundantly over the last month in the people I have met and the events that have occurred.

Thank you for allowing me to share this momentous experience with you.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx 

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