Chat Noir

We met for lunch.  It felt like forever since I had last laid eyes on you.  We had always talked about meeting here but it was so out of the way.  Today though, the stars are in alignment.  You sense my nervousness.  It was like returning to the innocence of when we first met.  I was so open, friendly and READY.  Ready for you to have your way, wherever we were. However it suited you.

You are too cool for that.  The epitome of grace under pressure. I’m ancy but dare not show it.  We sit down. My eyes averting yours.

The waiter sets the menus down, oblivious.  As I put the cream linen napkin on my lap, I feel your hand firmly clasp around mine and move it behind my back.  We didn’t need rope or handcuffs, the mental bondage, the searing look you gave of warning if I disobeyed, said it all.

I wasn’t allowed to order but you know me so well that your ordered for me.  Again, nothing that out of the ordinary is taking place that would raise the eyebrows of those around us.  Until…

There was a jolt under the table.  It was your Magli shoes hitting my angle forcing them apart.  There was no need to sit lady-like.  I am a slut after all.  You look at me in a teasing way..daring me to go there but knowing what would happen if I did, I remain still as a statue.

Pure torture.  I realize.  He is testing my strength and will. I breath and relax.  I am with Him.  I am safe.  Whatever his needs, wants, desires are, I am ready, willing and able to deliver.  There is no thinking.  There is no processing.  There is no feeling.  There is just DOING.

I am his.  I trust him.  I don’t ask him what’s next.  He just tells me and I listen.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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      1. That is very true. I tend to be very descriptive in my writing, but that is my nature, to be very specific. Sometimes it is better to let the imagination fill in the gaps..;)

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