Vanilla Time

Sometimes being a “lifestyle” you just yearn for a big scoop of vanilla.  The other night, I journeyed to Philadelphia for this rope clinic to learn something new and connect with a different city’s kinksters.  The energy wasn’t right.  Nothing against the instructor of course but sometimes things just don’t gel.  There were nuggets of good information but “teaching” is gift that doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Luckily, I wiped the bad juju away with a giant scoop of vanilla when spent the night at my best friends’ house in South Philly.  It is always awesome to hang out even if we are doing nothing but drinking wine and watching movies. My friend went to culinary school and made the delicious hummus he knows I love, while his partner, my other bff took care of the wine.   My mother taught me well, never show up to a home with out a gift and I knew the Piper Heidiesck was the perfect complement.  Everyone knows I love French bubbly.

I knew I had family dinner Sunday at my parents house the next day but sometimes its love just to sit around and sip wine and argue lovingly about politics, the state of American culture and what movie we are going to watch next.  Who doesn’t love having a special breakfast made for them?

There is something to be for enjoying quiet family time.  I have so much fun playing hide-n-seek with my little nieces who run to me with their arms wide open.  I love that time- just being silly and innocent.  It balances out my life in a refreshing way.  It recharges my batteries and allows me to appreciate how well-rounded my life truly is.

Sometimes vanilla is just what I need…

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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