Dark Odyssey: A Journey Into the Light

After a few days of extreme fun, naughtiness and pure, unadultered fun all I have are the rope burns and bruises as sweet memories.

I came to Dark Odyssey with hope and excitement. I am a unicorn, an introverted extrovert, the sluttiest slut with a traditional core. The juxtaposition of a Rubik’s cube.

I found my slave self again Dark Odyssey. I pushed myself farther than I ever have.

This is not something I write about often because it is such a private part of me. However in the spirit of Lent, I want to be more open and share a bit more of myself than I normally might. Looking around at everyone saying their good-bye’s on that Monday, the last day, it was a v. loving environment. Dark Odyssey is a journey into light, love and ecstasy.

I had some of the most amazing scenes. I allowed a Dominant to wield his knife across my naked body while I was in complete bondage and forced to suck his thick and luscious cock. I was suspended by a crossdresser wearing a black latex catsuit who proceeded to florentine my pussy as my legs were tied in either direction. Those experiences were the highlight of my trip and liberated my mind and heart in many ways.

I wish you could of been there. I wish I could of put you in my pocket. Maybe next time…

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I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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