Couple Time

It is no secret that I enjoy a woman as much as I enjoy a man. What could be better than a couple? What could be better than a 3 way fuck? Three consenting individuals tugging at each other clothes, licking and kissing any are of exposed sweet skin we can find.

I take a breath for a moment and watch the two of you. There is something special about being with a couple; inviting you in to their intimate world. The way he caresses her and holds her hair. He knows what she likes and she is shy but horny. A sidelong glance is all it takes. I love a woman’s skin. I love to taste her, not just lick her but really enjoy her essence. I want to take my strap-on and plunge it deep inside of her. I can feel the urge.

The nervousness releases into sexual tension and soon no body party is left unexplored. The French got it right when they called it a menage-a-trois, “household of three.” A harmonious coming together of sexually confident and open people looking to take fun to the next level.

A blissful evening of sexual egalitarianism. There is no hierarchy here. The non-verbal cues are a graceful dance that ends with us bowing to each other.

Stay twisted…

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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