I recently completely my volunteer training as an ESL tutor in Stamford, CT for Literacy Volunteers of America.  Literacy and is something that I am v. passionate about.  I tutored Russians in English for 2 years from 1989 – 2001.  Stamford happens to be the closest  volunteer center to me.  I’m excited to be working with adults who are motivated to perfect their English and further opportunity for themselves and their families.

Many of the older students have professional degrees in their home country but because of the language barrier they take jobs beneath their real skill level.   They are so grateful to have people who are enthusiastic to help them and as tutors it makes us excited to aid them in their growth of fluent English.

Why should this matter to you? I will be in the Stamford area once a week starting at the of February. My schedule is not set yet but it looks like it could either be Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.

I am looking forward to doing good and doing you.

Yours truly,

Your kinky courtesan xx