The Ass Doctor…

He had heard Dr. Olivia was quite adept at working with patients and their “deviant fantasies”.  She employed a non-traditional technique in her sessions that consisted of therapeutic listening and active engagement.

He was a highly intellectual and nervous man.  Handsome and fit and Dr. Olivia was curious about him.  She asked him to get comfortable and tell her about his fantasies by exploring an experience that may have really struck him.  He began to relate a story about intense anal play with a woman – him fucking her slowly and then her giving it right back to him with a strap on, finally cumming in her face..Dr. Olivia repeated parts of the story back to him, aware that she was getting turned on but sure that he was oblivious.  She gently explained to him that she was beta testing “active engagement therapy” in her practice better knows as live demonstration.

She asked him to show him with her ipad some other images, regardless how graphic, of what he liked.  Slightly embarrassed, he hesitantly proceeded.  They discussed what they saw openly.  The clips of women being engorged anally by a man’s cock and taking a man entirely in their mouth.  It was becoming obvious to the patient now, that his Doctor was getting turned on.  It was getting hot in the room.

She unzipped his jeans and whipped it out.  It stood erect, smiling at her – pink, glossy and thick.  Her lips were drawn to it.  She began to suck vigorously but slowly, taking it ALL IN.  He held her head there, wanting to capture the moments. Then, he got more comfortable….

Gloves and lube in hand, Glamazon (Dr. Olivia’s strap-on) ready, she began to lick him..then came the fingers…first with one then with two, milking the prostate gently. In and out her fingers went, licking his balls simultaneously.  The groans and moans were validation that this therapy was working.

Pretty soon it was time to graduate.  It was time for him to experience Glamazon.  His ass was responding that he was ready and the Doctor was ready to give it him. Give it to him she did.  Lying on his back, nice and slow, arching over him, almost in a hug, grinding against his ass with minute and subtle movements.

It was time to reverse the roles –  give therapy to the Doctor.  Gently, he caresses her ass with his gloved fingers.  He then sticks that beautiful glass dildo in her ass, God that blissed her out.  Watching each other, her hand on his cock, him moving the dildo, in and out…in and out.  She felt herself expanding…opening…His cock transitioned and her legs wrapped around his shoulders.  It became a wonderful game of switch that position..

Finally, he thrusted inside her welcoming ass as she held the edge of the bed.  He fucked her calmly, no need to go buckwild.  As he could feel himself beginning to reach climax, as calmly as he could, he asked Dr. Olivia to reintroduce him to Glamazon because there was only one way he wanted to cum…on her angelic, doctoral face.   As he crouched on top of her, she expertly spit all over his deliciously swollen cock and began to jerk him off.  She couldn’t wait for his cum.  His cum to shoot everywhere on her…and it did.  All over her face and breasts..

Dr. Olivia’s therapy may be a little unorthodox but it was quite effective.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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