Mythical Night

Last night was fun. A party known as Myth. How appropriate. A pansexual party held at Webster Hall where that was reminiscent of Torture Garden. People were having sex everywhere. Men fucking women. Women fucking women. Threesomes. Rent-a-Pet. It was a hedonist’s paradise. If you had a partner or just wanted to soak it in and be the voyeur, this was your playground.

They have a v strict door policy. No pictures. They put stickers over your smart phone cameras. Everyone in attendance is there in the spirit of sex – doing it or watching it. There was a light kink element as well with some suspension, flogging and fire play happening…

I was cordially invited by Mestra Jussara’s friend, a queer pro domme with a wrestling fetish who likes to work her men out with extreme work out routines. She is lovely. We doubled on this bbw slut last night and made her cum. Both of our fingers were up this sluts pussy and as I breathed in the scent between her legs, i kept whispering ” do you like being a slut, red?” ( she had a red wig) “Do you like everyone watching?” Obediently, she nodded. My black leather vampire gloves ran up and down her v. ample and luscious ass. The back of my hand up and down her legs.

The next party I will volunteer as a party pet now that I understand how the party works.

Thank you Yandy, for setting this party up. It was alot of fun. Looking forward to the next one!

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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