The Escort’s Goodie Bag – What She Never Leaves Home Without….

Have you often wondered what the sex worker never leaves home without?

1. Condoms.  A no-brainer.  I prefer Trojan ecstasy because they fit larger cocks and have extra room.

2. Rubber gloves – In case you sail to the islands…I prefer medical grade gloves.

3.  Lube – Recently I’ve discovered Elbow Grease – great for anal play and also water-based Pur – great for the woman.

4.  Baby Wipes – easy clean up.  Amazing for removing lipstick.

5. Mint Candy – Double usage. 1. to freshen breath. 2.  A cool trick when sucking a man’s cock.

6. One all-purpose sex toy –  I like clothespins, a ruler or a feather…

7. A whistle or pepper spray – Especially for outcalls. You never know..

8.  Feminine wipes – always baby  the pussy and keep it nice and fresh.

9.   A scarf – for a little light bondage or sensory deprivation

10.  A bottle of water – it serves a dual purpose – in case your man likes golden showers ( I love it)


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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