Misty watercolor memories…


Royal Museum – more interested in the structure itself than visiting it.

Even in Toronto, I can't seem to leave Manhattan...

Even in Toronto, I see reminders of Manhattan…I even stayed in the section of Toronto called Yorkville, the section of NYC where I live.


view from my room in Toronto. It was cold outside but cozy and warm inside…


Mestra Jussara & I. relaxing in my hotel room after a lazy, red wine-filled lunch at la Societe, a french bistro on Bloor W. She has become a friend and travel buddy for life!


Cute little notes of appreciation like this really make my day.. and no..he couldn’t resist his mother’s advances… lol 😉


Bata Shoe Museum – Roger Vivier exhibition. Creator of the stiletto shoe.


unadulterated slutty fun on my last night…there was another pic but that one was NSFW. 😉


the morning after…

It was lovely Toronto. Thank you. If you decide to go, fly Porter Air, they are cheap and fabulous. They also have a lovely lounge for ALL passengers with free wifi, coffee, tea, drinks and snacks. We flew from Newark.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx