Happy New Year From Toronto

Greetings from chilly Toronto!!!! Mestra Jussara and I are so excited to be here. We both just woke up from our disco naps after enjoying a gorgeous french lunch at La Societe in the Yorkville area.

May your 2013 be filled with passion, positivity and kink.

Can you guess which toes are mine???


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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Toronto

  1. I don’t know, but you wrote to guess, so I’ll guess the toes with the lighter red color nails..
    Why? Because they are UNDER the the toes with the darker wine colored nails.

  2. Happy New Year (Bonne Annee) 2013 Olivia!!!
    cute toes, no lie I had guessed the toes with the darker color before saw your reply, lol. My reasoning was that you are thicker more voluptuous than your friend, so it shows right above your ankle, lol.

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