Chilling in Toronto

I am getting so excited to head to Canada for New Years.  This is my first real trip (Raleigh was only 1.5 days)  with a friend and colleague, Mestra Jussara and I just know we are going to have a blast.   The weather will be in the teens but we are bringing warmth and sunshine.

We are both into culture and wine and I know Toronto, being so close to Niagra on the Lake, is well known for their ice wineries.  I am hoping on New Year’s day, we can take a tour because I know it will be absolutely gorgeous there, even in 20 degree weather.

This is really pushing my comfort zone because I typically abhor cold weather but I do love the mountains.   Jussara loves the snow although she is from Sao Paulo  and is school-girl excited about the fact that while we are in town snow is expected.

We are looking forward to making friends and lots of memories while we are in town.

If you have any suggestions for great restaurants or other local attractions, please email me…olivia@oliviatwxxted.com.

Happy New Year!!!!!!  Stay safe and warm.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx


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