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The Importance of Good Grooming

We all talk about it.  The importance of grooming, not just for ourselves but also for the gentlemen whose company we keep.  Grooming is much more important than looks.  A masculine man who understands that grooming is essential, will find himself noticeably favored by women.

I spend time and the money on manicures, pedicures and brazilian waxes because I know that is what gentlemen enjoy.    Now for the gentlemen…what constitutes well-groomed???

1.  Trimmed toenails and fingernails-I don’t want to snag my hose on your toenail because they haven’t been trimmed.  Hygiene 101.

2.  Manscaping where it counts –  I appreciate a nice trim.  Waxing or shaving it all off is not really necessary but trimming is important.  A mouthful of hair is never pleasant.  I know a man can relate.

3.  A Mint goes a long way – If you are coming from lunch or dinner, pop a mint.  Enough said.

4.  Keeping it fresh – I understand your parts work different from ours but we always appreciate it when it is fresh and clean down there.  I always keep baby wipes in my bathroom for this specific reason.  Cut or uncut, this is v. important.

A well-groomed man shows me that you are considerate, not only of yourself but also of me.   I enjoy masculinity in its purest form, chest and back hair included, with just a tad bit of refinement.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx


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