To Gift or not to Gift?

Although its not necessary, it is always nice when visiting your companion during the holidays, to bring her a small gift, as a token of appreciation, especially if you have seen her more than twice.

As a token of my appreciation, I am planning on giving clients I see through January homemade cookies I will be baking myself.  Yes, I do love to cook.  The night before my wedding I made 500 cookies to pass out as favors to all my guess “sweets from the sweethearts.”

Gift giving is never about how much money you spend, it is about the thoughtfulness that goes behind the gift.   I had a client bring be a sleeve of golf balls and I was so excited because I knew he had taken the time to really notice that I love the sport even though I freely admit to being a high handicapper.

It is always a pleasure to spend time with regular clients and of course engage with new ones, gift or no gift.

Here are few ideas…

1.  Spafinder Gift Certificate – You can’t go wrong with a gift card  that will treat her to the spa of her choice and can be virtually sent to her…

2.  The USB Vibrator – Useful and sexy.  A vibrator that doubles as a USB.  Protector of intellectual and feminine property.   Waterproof.  Fun for her and fun for you…

3.  Think Apple – If your companion is a geek, you can’t go wrong with an Apple gift card.   Let her keep in touch with you anywhere with the ipad Mini.

4.  Zappos – Giver her the gift of shoes.  Stilettos. FMPs.  Whatever her heart desires.  She will thank you for them.

5. The quintessential sex toy – Add to her collection by buying her something that will really warm her heart – a fabulous strap on, horse hair butt plug or sensory play implement.   Check out Stockroom or Extreme Restraints for the best choice.

6.  A journal – a beautiful bound journal in leather or ornate fabric is always a nice gift.   It is simple and useful.

7.  Champagne – You can’t go wrong with bubbly.  Laurent Perrier or a Tattinger Rose are solid bets.

8.  Candle – A sexy smelling candle is a thoughtful and relaxing, inexpensive gift.

9.  Coffee Table Book – If you know your companion enjoys fashion, photography, design, nature, etc.. a coffee table book is a cool gift.

10. Cash – a little extra in her stocking, perhaps?

Here is to you and yours….

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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