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I loved men who are not afraid to let their freak flag fly, even if it just at half mast.     The other day, I enjoyed time with a man who had a gorgeously thick cock, was well-groomed and enjoyed a v. intimate kind of play, water sports.

Unless you have experienced it, I can understand why the thought of someone else’s urine on your body might not rev your engine.  I challenge you to be open-minded.  It is  one of the most intimate of acts.  The feel of my champagne running down my legs as I crouch over you and I watch it stream down your broad chest, eyes peering up at me with lust.  The openness between us in those moments is intoxicating.  It is no longer about achieving orgasm but rather a higher state of intimacy.

My first experience was with my former Master and I will never forget.  I felt so blessed to be on my knees taking his piss, drinking as much as I could from him.  In that moment, I felt cleansed and I realized how beautiful and sexy such a sexually deviant act could be, even when shared between two relative strangers.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx






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