Topless Tee Time

Last night, I had the privilege of joining a client at Golf Manhattan for a little virtual round. As promised, I wore my tall black boots and a v. short black pinstripe kilt dress for the occasion. I came ready with my Nike’s and golf glove in my bag.

Golf is a family sport. My parents live on a golf course. I took up the sport after my divorce. I met alot of people and played some amazing courses, including Pinehurst after the open. It is a sport that takes a tremendous amount of discipline and focus but most importantly it is practice, practice, practice.

Life gets in the way, and with my clubs in Southern New Jersey, I admit that I haven’t played in about 2 years. Luckily, I was with a gentleman who enjoyed watching my dress drop and my breasts show every time I swung. With pierced DD’s, I never saw a man play so well. He really knew how to channel his adrenalin! After two holes, my game was finally on par with his as well. I like to know that I am in the same competitive range.

I basically played topless for the entire game, which had we been on a real course may have gotten us in trouble but in the privacy of our own virtual golf course, upped the ante.

Definitely a fun and sexy night out…

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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