I Love a Good Fuck in the Morning

Morning visits are my favorite.  If I could get fucked ever day and give a  morning bj I would be in heaven.   I sleep naked, except for my sock and nothing is sexier than being woken up in the morning by something poking me in the back, whether it be a man’s meaty, hard cock or hot woman’s dildo.

The idea of starting my day cumming couldn’t get any better, right?  As a student at Catholic school, where we practice the golden rule – it would be a sin not to return the favor…

When you are single, it becomes slightly more difficult because the on-demand thing goes away, although I know from being married once that a warm body next to you doesn’t guarantee a fuck either.  How did spreading your legs ever get so complicated?

There is just something about the rawness of morning sex, that you are both a little dirty, sleepy, messy…it adds to the ambience rather than distracts from it.  Beauty to me is in the imperfect after all…

Yours truly,

Your kinky courtesan xx


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