Don’t Ask But Do Tell Me…

I came across this article on Yahoo from Woman’s Day discussing the subject of infidelity and what makes men cheat.    This got me thinking on the difference between an escort and a mistress.   It brought up the question –  is it really cheating if you pay for companionship?

In the book, The Ethical Slut (which I am currently reading), the book pontificates on “taboo” topics like ‘why going outside of your marriage isn’t a bad thing.’  Now, I am not saying that it is ok to cheat but there maybe something to the idea that sex outside of the marital bed could actually enhance the bond you have with your primary partner.    A hypothesis I actually agree with.

I have many successful married friends who all say ” I do not want to leave my wife, I am happy with my marriage. A girlfriend is just too much trouble… It would be so much easier just to pay for it.”  In cums the escort.

We are pleasure scientists.  I am not kidding that there is a science behind being a good escort.  Granted, it many not be rocket science but a method to balancing building rapport, giving and receiving emotions and guiding pleasure.   We must understand how to handle a gentleman in sometimes awkward situation and make them trust us and feel relaxed in the time they spend with us.

Yes, a good escort will keep your secrets, be empathetic and always be discreet.  Who else make a job feel like a real date and one that you don’t have to worry about getting a text or phone call after?

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx


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