He came over before he had school.  So young.  So impressionable.  So EAGER.   We began to kiss  – kiss tongue was a bit rough but v. pliable and I couldn’t wait to feel it on my pussy.

Of course,  as the top I need to show restraint and self control.  Rule #1 – no matter how horny you are, never show all the cards in your hand.   It is much better to ease into play, especially when working with a new partner.

He was smooth everywhere except on his thick cock, which surrounded masses of curly black hair.  I was quick to tell him that a manscaping was in order.  Of course he was nice and thick and cut so I overlooked it.

I appreciated his submissiveness.  I kissed his mouth, his nipples, his cock every so slowly and deliberately.  My tongue and lips gripped him tightly, moving up and down his perfect thickness.   He responded with groans and moans of delight as his cock rocked in between my 36DD breasts and I licked his plump, pink head simultaneously. He confessed his fantasies of worshiping a woman and kneeling in front of another man to pleasure him orally.   Soon it was strap-on time…

First I climbed on top of him and whispered, “suck my cock.”   He was immediately obedient and began working his mouth all over my big, thick glittery dildo.  Watching him suck it so enthusiastically, I turned him over and ordered him to keep sucking but lick my throbbing pussy.  Wow…his tongue in my cunt, his finger working my G-spot.  I held back my orgasm a bit as he continued to suck on my strap-on.  It was the image of him straddling me as he sucked it so feverishly that at one point he asked me to put it in his ass.  I knew better and said, ” one thing at a time.  Let’s take it slow.”  As I said that, I came intensely and then I begged him to cum on my neck and face.

Then, he was off to school…’Til next time and I know just who to ask to join us.

yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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