Girls Night Out

Last night was date #3.  Every time I see her she gets hotter.  Her skin is luminescent. Her kinkiness is a such a turn on.  Her breasts are gorgeously smooth and tasty.  She is alot of fun.   I love that she is open-minded, has a man in her life and still likes to fuck women.

We are taking it slow.  Last night was the first make out session. In her car, we fogged up the windows on 14th and 1st avenue.  Her tongue is so soft, her skin so sweet.   I enjoyed running my tongue up and down her cleavage.  Those breasts.   Huge, soft and supple, perfectly suitable nipples and my mouth lit up like fire when I was sucking on them.

Did I mention she was kinky?  She has a man in her life who is kinky too.  I never thought I would meet an open-minded lesbian.  She is in love with her man and she loves women.  She is independent, not needy and I feel like God has answered my prayers.  It is the exact situation I have wanted.  A woman who enjoys men and women equally.  We have the funniest conversations – last night over dinner at the Mermaid Inn (if you love oysters on the half shell, like I do, this is the best seafood restaurant in the city) we had an in-depth conversation about personal grooming.  She insists that anyone she plays with should be completely hairless.  She doesn’t mind hair on any other part of the body but insists that the pubic area be nice and tidy, to the point of smooth.   Although I get regular brazilian waxes, I am of the opposite camp – I do not like hairless men, its strange-looking.  She shared naked pics of her man with me and while he is pretty hot and definitely has a nice cock, the hair thing is just funny. I don’t judge and for me it is much more about the man’s overall personality not his physicality.  However,  I like a man who trims.  My motto – keep it neat so I don’t end up with a mouthful of your pubes.

The Cubby Hole was our second stop and I have to say a lesbian bar is always different when you walk in with someone – man or woman.  I confess I even took one of my clients to this bar and he was the perfect wingman – sometimes you must have a little fun…Yes, this bar is well-known in NYC for  attracting tons of straight men because they play the best music – a mix of 70’s and 80’s mixed with v. selective alternative and Top 40.  The drinks are cheap but beware they water them down so you buy more – cash only.

She leaves for vacation next Saturday and we have another date Wednesday night. We are definitely going to fuck.

Yours truly,

The kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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