The Most Interesting Man in the World…

The bowtie was awesome.  He took the time to read my wish list and brought me Titleist golf balls and champagne.  This was all in the first minutes of the 3 hours we spent together.

He was well read.  He was funny.  He was a good storyteller.   I love men that are not just intelligent but clever.  I am pretty sure he took a Viagra because he was a stallion.

Thank you for allowing me to undress you ever so slowly. The most exciting part is the build up, the foreplay before the foreplay and that includes taking off his clothes. Undressing a man is an endearing act.    I love undoing a man’s tie and slowly unbuttoning his shirt, one button at a time.  The sound of a man’s zipper is sweet music to my ears.

My lips and tongue navigated his body from head to toe – his lips, neck, nipples, arms, legs, inner thighs, knees and finally his cock.   I visited his cock last, choosing to rub my face in it.  It is no secret that I love to suck cock but I am always looking to change-up the routine so I went with mood – seductive and sensual.  This called for a v. slow suck with lots of teasing and spitting.

I’m always happy to have my pussy licked because that is the way I cum.   After a few adjustments, he hit his stride and we were off to 69ing.  I appreciate a man who is not afraid to talk v. dirty in the bedroom and when he said ‘ time to fuck’ I was ready.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed and stilettos high in the air, he moved expertly inside of me.  I started talking dirty and that created even more of a stir, he started fucking me harder and deeper, just the way I like it.  My favorite part is watching a man cum, his expression and body language.  He did not disappoint.  His body shuddered and he yelped. Champagne time…

What I loved about it was that he didn’t deny me my orgasm.  After we fucked and relaxed a little, he went down on me again, pretty soon I felt the knowing build and the explosion in his mouth.  I never say anything until I am cumming.  Then of course I returned the favor with another cocksuck.  He slowly fucked my face and then when I saw him getting there, my hand expertly grabbed his shaft allowing him to cum in my mouth.

Stay thirsty, my friends….

your kinky courtesan xx

A man with a trashy mouth in the bedroom is hot and when he said “lets fuck

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