What’s Underneath

You stand before me, hard and slightly nervous.  The suit needs to come off to reveal what is underneath.

Slowly I undress you, button by button, my tongue never leaving your skin as each piece of clothing starts to fall way.  Underneath I find a lacy bra and matching panties barely able to contain a bulging hard cock and balls.  Straddling you legs, I rub myself against the lace and enjoy the sight of you.  You in that lacy lingerie, confident with that deviant sexual side and ready to play. You, ready to be mine, ready to let me have my way with you.   Straddling you, my dildo rests comfortably on your chest.  The lips of my   pussy moisten the salt & pepper hairs.  My hips gyrate in micromovements, deliberate and slow, my eyes never leaving your face.

This is how I fuck your mouth.  This is how you eat my pussy.  Your cock swallowed by all of me through those french lace panties you are wearing.


your kinky courtesan, xx


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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