Bad Girl

Yesterday, I broke a cardinal rule in my job,  I showed up late for a date.  The story was that I didn’t have my phone on me when I was getting my hair colored but assumed I had ample time before I was meeting client.  Of course, I misjudged and the next thing I know I was receiving a call and racing across town.

Lucky for me he was someone I had seen before and he was v. kind about it BUT I paid for my tardiness.  He enjoys spanking. When we got into my apartment, he asked me to stay in my “vanilla outfit” – a black skirt, black top and tall black boots.  Hen proceeded to lift my skirt and  demand that I ask for a spanking.  Did I deserve it?  Yes, I did.

After getting my ass nice and pink, I climbed on top of him and we enjoyed some deep french kissing.  The movie theatre make out kind. As I dry humped him in my skirt (no panties of course) he squirmed as my tongue probed deeper into his mouth and our spit collided.  I knew he wanted to take me over my desk chair and have his way with me and I was more than obedient; more spanking as he pushed me gently onto the leather chair.  “thank you, Sir”

It was after, that he asked me to undress. As I stood before him naked, he then ordered me to undress him and then I was on my knees sucking on him, giving him a sloppy, wet and enduring cock kiss.

He was pleased.   I was squirming with excitement so he acknowledged it by letting his tongue discover my clit.  I began to quiver with excitement.  I had taken some time off from seeing anyone and man talented with his tongue is my favorite thing. He didn’t disappoint and within minutes asking him if I could cum, I explored in orgasm.

It was enjoyable mutual oral back and forth and some 69.  Pretty soon it was time for the belt.  Pleasure and pain.  I laid on my stomach awaiting the strap, relaxed from all the licking and sucking.  Then came the first sting. Followed by the 2nd and pretty soon I was counting up to 20 before he retired the belt satisfied I had been suitably punished for my earlier tardiness.

He began to fuck me.  Legs in air, wrapped around his head, I moved my hips up and down. Honestly, all I could think about was that I had to pee! After all, I had drunk a bottle and half of water earlier.  When I mentioned this, he suggested that we do something about it.  Into the bathtub we went and I pissed all over his cock.  It is really hot when you feel comfortable enough with someone to piss on them.  The heat of the urine and the nakedness is something that is indescribable.

It didn’t even feel like 3 hours had gone by. Sometimes being a bad girl has its benefits.

your kinky courtesan xx



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