Girls and Boys

It is no secret that I am an equal opportunity lover.  My favorite things to do are eating pussy, taking a man’s virginity and MMF play.  Recently I got up the courage to put myself out there on a dating site and some pretty hot, together women began to email me.  Well, I am going on my 2nd date with one.  We are taking things slow because when it comes to dating I like to court not just fuck.

In the meantime, why not make room for a boy toy?  A hot, eager 27-year-old recently emailed me through my fetlife account, who also happens to like sucking cock. Perfect.  I could use one of those too.

Did I mention the service slave I met?  Oh yes.  Well he is more of a switch which is perfect.  We met at a BDSM & Spirituality workshop.  We are both interested in playing in public but are partnerless so it works out perfectly AND he will act as my handyman.

Have I died and gone to kink heaven? Somebody pinch me please!

your kinky courtesan, xx



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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