Tantra Time

Yesterday it attended a Sexy Spirits “playshop” centered around tantra and meditation. It was the first time actually practicing the techniques and it was transformational.

Every exercise had a specific purpose in opening our hearts and minds. Being a stranger to both the practice and people, I had know idea what to expect. The people were warm and welcoming and walked right up to you and hugged you as if they had known you all your life.   The exercises were playful and animalistic.  Sensual but non-invasive.  I never knew I could open myself up like that.

Many of the exercises are done with our eyes closed. We had to rely on our sense of smell and touch. In one exercise, our partner was had to touch us while we remained still, with our eyes closed. As he ran his hands along my eyes, face neck, and ears, as his nose burrowed into me and he sniffed the natural essence of me, I felt my whole body melting away.  His hand over my heart, he could feel my anticipation and holding on to my hands he began to lick my neck – every so slowly and deliberately.  Softly.

My pussy was soaked.

A new education begins…

your kinky courtesan xx



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