Movie Time

Yesterday afternoon it went to see the movie 2016 with a “friend”. We both have similar political views  and it was a good film with some interesting takeaways.

Being the exhibitionist I am and a kinky conservative, I could not help but take his hand and put his fingers under my dress, allowing him to feel the bare, wet lips of my pussy.  The growing hard-on needed a way out- and in the dark, cool, theatre amongst the 55+ crowd, I slowly and deliberately freed that cock from the jeans and began caressing it.   The pre-cum that emerged on the tip was the perfect  lubricant as my hand slid up and down the shaft and gently around the head of the cock.

I licked each finger because I knowing how wet I was, couldn’t resist tasting my own juices.  Oh, yes…there is nothing like getting finger fucked in a movie theater.

Oh, yes…vote  for Mitt and go see 2016.

I’m the kinky courtesan and I approve this message.

the kinky courtesan xx

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