The Go-Giver

I love to read. Therefore, I wanted to share with you a book that I found to be truly special, The Go-Giver.  This will be a longer post than normal but hopefully you will stay with it and find it useful…

The Go-Giver is a super easy read.  A short and wonderful parable for creating success in life and business.  The central character or protagonist, is a guy named “Joe”, a guy obsessed with material success and making his quarterly numbers.  We have all been there. He is trying to close a deal that will get his to his goal and yet he keeps hitting roadblocks.  Finally, he takes some friendly advice and meets with a  man who has all the things that Joe wants and of course through his meetings with him gets learns alot more about himself, life and people than he ever expected.
This book really touched me for its principles, which are called the “5 Laws of Stratospeheric Success”.   Rarely do I hear this term used but often I hear people in business use the terms authenticity, influence,  compensation and value,  among others.     You don’t often hear “how can I serve you better?”  and often we give because we are expected to give and expect nothing in return so then why so often are we secretly left feeling short changed?  Giving could even be in the form of something intangible such as a compliment, yet when someone tries to say something nice back to us, we often find ourselves not able to accept the compliment gracefully and revert to self-deprication. 
 My biggest struggle  coming from the marketing & media world to a new career choice is how can I continue to add value?   My clients are seeing me in a different light.  We are no longer in a conference room  (unless its a role play – lol) and the service I am providing now is a luxury for them.  What I learned is that I am searching too hard and deep for the answers (hard and deep is how I prefer it normally) but just going out of my way to be kind, on time, professional and make their time feel special is the added value.  Introducing special toys I think they might like or even if I can’t be there, providing a referral.   
Its not about the bells and whistles its just about showing that you care and that you have passion.  These laws are simple and human at their v. core but often overlooked because we tend to think that it can’t be that simple. 
What are the 5 Laws of Stratosphereic Success?
1.  The Law of Value – Your true worth is determined by by how much more you give in value that what you take in payment.  We are taught that life is a zero-sum game but the reality is that life can be win – win.  Altruism in business is not an archaic principle. 
2.  The Law of Compensation – Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.   This really is a matter of impact, rather than of an individual’s value.  The more you serve, the great impact you can have, and the likelihood you will increase your earning potential.

3.  The Law of Influence – How influential you are is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.  What I have found is that the most influential people in business, always seem to have time and are never too busy to answer an email or take a call from a stranger complimenting them or looking for advice.  Guy Kawasaki is a personal hero of mine and he is someone that I cultivated a relationship with just by cold emailing him and letting him know what I thought of him and his work.  He always returned my emails within a few hours.

4.  The Law Of Authenticity – The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.   I mentioned before that it is hard for most people to take a compliment properly. It does take certain amount of confidence and self-realisation to say understand your worth and what you bring into relationships both business and personal. Once that happens, the world is your oyster. “Thank you” goes a long way.

5.  The Law of Receptivity – The key to effective giving is to be open to receiving.  Notice the world “effective”.   Sometimes we give and we feel unsure or uncomfortable because we may be doing something out of our comfort zone.  Be patient.  Realize that life is about relationship not about keeping score.  Be open and positive and expect for good and profitable things to happen and they will.

In closing, what I loved the most about this book and what brought me to tears a few times, is that it made be hopeful.  I realized that I didn’t have to struggle to find the answers anymore.  I am more relaxed and appreciative.

Thank you for your loyalty, trust and time…

your kinky courtesan xx

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