The Olympic Games are all about the underdog.  Of course we celebrate the favourites but the rush comes from the unexpected – when the underdog pulls a victory.  Mo Farah of GB,  not British born, had the all of Great Britain rooting for him, helping him on the last leg to beat the Ethiopian.  David Boudia of the USA,  not the favorite, but pulled a gold medal upset over the Chinese,  not an easy silver pill to swallow .  Jordan Burroughs from South Jersey ( 30 minutes from where I grew up) envisions gold before he gets to the Olympics through Twitter and gruelingly beats Iran.  Mexico beats Brazil in football.    Some say Brazilian fans were not a fan of the coach.  Mexico took their first and only gold medal of the Games.     It goes to show you what true passion really is.

source:  Getty Images

While this isn’t an official wrap up of the Olympics – leave that to Bob Costas, it proves my point that the underdogs excite us, reignite our passion and give us hope.  Those were just a few examples…

Many of us are underdogs.  So am I.    My life as of late has been a zig and zag and zig.  I am the happiest now than I have ever been. I may not be a size 4 anymore, or working my way up the proverbial corporate ladder but like those athletes, I have drive, and passion for what I do. There are many issues I have to dance around – and stating the obvious here really isn’t necessary.  Despite it all, I am driven to succeed beyond what is expected.

Like all those world class athletes, I know I have something special.  Its not from watching too many Nike spots either.  My life was not to be conventional.   Even with the wind at my back and greater challenges ahead, I have a driving force in my life telling me that ever dream is within my reach despite the dogged hurdles.   Emotionally and mentally I’ve overcome  what defeats me – myself and fear.

I feel his energy all the time, smiling when he is proud, grimacing when he knows I could push more.  He grimaces more than he smiles.  That is going to change.

Magical.  I’m a lucky slut.  Just wait.

your kinky courtesan, xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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