C’est Si Bon

He was charming. So French. I’m a sucker for the intercontinental man.  A Frenchman that lives in London with business in NY.   He found me through City of Love.  What made the date so different than the rest?  It was how comfortable he was – there was romance, seduction and laughter.   A couple of hours of tongues exploring each others most delicious parts.   My mouth taking that thick, uncut, ROCK hard cock that belong in a phallic museum it looked like it had been created by David. 

He fucked with the ferociousness of Jaguar and dined as if it were a delicacy.   We enjoyed Rose champagne and chatted about financial regulation…you know the kind stuff that sets the mood… 😉

The cherry on top was how relaxed and quiet it was after as we lay there, naked against one another, he even began to drift off to sleep…Of course, not wanting to “overstay” my welcome, I lightly kissed his cheek and exited ever so quietly…

Enchante..a bientot

your kinky courtesan, xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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