This weekend’s theme should be “wingwoman”.  Tonight I am meeting my friend Kasey to do Lesbian bars and we have vowed to be each other’s wingwomen as the lez scene can be quite intimidating, judgmental and difficult to navigate.  Just be happy you have a cock!  I have no idea what I am going to wear but thought needs to be put into this…

Tomorrow I am the wingwoman for brunch with my straight girlfriend.  I am surprising her by having one of my divorced guy friends do a “pop in” during brunch at Pounds and Ounces in Chelsea.  As far as I see it is a match made in heave – they are both extremely eligible, established and love to party. Of course she will probably have some expletives for me for not telling her ahead of time.  😉 
While I admit that my track record for setting people up is not stellar, I enjoy doing it and hope that one day I will help one of my friends find true love or at least  really, really good fuck. 
Update on the L Games – Its been a bit busy this week so I forgot to update everyone on my Lesbian race from last Saturday.  We tied for 3rd place.   It was really fun and really humid and we worked great as a team.  I received a “hug sandwich” from these two Indian girls in Washington Square (one of our challenges).   Many thanks to all of the innocent bystanders who turned willing participants. My favorite challenge was when I beatboxed and sang “baby got back” while my teammate danced for :30 with this random girl at the Highline.  
Yes, I’ve got skills to pay the bills.. as the Beastie Boys would say. 
Have a safe and happy weekend on this first weekend of August, everyone.
your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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