Sweaty Service

I open my door and you are standing there, sweaty like the guy in the Right Guard spot.   My mouth drops.  My cunt begins to sing because seconds later, like Michael Phelps you just dive right in, so efficient given that my sundress is still on.

Five minutes later I’m fucking cumming! So hard.  In waves, bursts and stripes. You just keep sucking.  I reach for you, that thick member.  I reach and begin to leave a trail of saliva all over that dick. I suck you hard, deep and slow, teasing the head out of its reverie.   Your fingers are inside me. They trace my swollen clitoris and lap up my orgasm all while I suck the life out of you.   This is raw.  No kissing or petting just a simple oral session.

You scream “Im almost there!”   I can’t resist.  I need that cum in my mouth.  I need to feel your cock pumping that white juice everywhere.   Yes………thank you boy toy..

Your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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