L Games Today…

My team decided yellow was going to be our color for the L Game challenges today.  They wanted to have full uniforms but when I told them I only owned skirts and dresses they realized it might not be possible..lol   Hence, the yellow shirts. I have decided on my black St. John sequin skirt and double layering tank tops  with my Nike black sequin high tops – since I am going to be running all over downtown….

We start at noon under the arch in Washington Square Park and then beware and behold because lesbians and bisexuals will be unleashed in teams of 3 to compete in a series of challenges for a $500 prize.   The challenges are all based on dating women..and we all know my track record on this! lol  I’m keeping an open mind though and just going to have some competitive fun..

I confess that I have been craving pussy lately so this will be a great way to meet some women too, hopefully..

Go team Lexcia!

Enjoy your weekend everyone…

your kinky courtesan xx


Published by The Pleasure Proseur

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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