Dessert Domme

Yesterday I took a trip to Purple Passion because I just couldn’t wait for my kinky toys to arrive…  Hilton, the owner, is wonderful and extremely knowledgable. He generously gives a 10% discount if you identify yourself as a Domme/Dom or a sub.

What did I add to my growing collection of kinky toys?

My new vampire gloves have now replaced the bunny butt plug as my new favorite toy to use.   The black leather gloves with tiny metals claws palm-side are awesome because they are perfect for sensation play on the nipples, ass and inner thighs.  I tried them out already and they got a two thumbs up!

One can never have enough cock rings.  Mine seem to keep burning out!  lol  The one I bought today comes with a remote control which will add to the devious fun…

A new mask was needed of course.  This one is double layered so it keeps ALL light out.  I personally enjoy being masked in a session with my Master and also recently shot some picture masked and gagged.

Last but certainly not least is the rubber-stranded paddle.  This seems to be particularly fun when playing with cock and balls.

There are still a few toys left on my list, particularly in the nipple torture category.  I am also getting into the idea of pony play..

My attitude as a Top is to always keep it passionate, sensual, relatively painless and fun…I love to tease and build your orgasm to the point of no return until you can’t take it anymore, push it a little more and then….I enjoy pushing limits once I know you…Pleasure should always be a mutual exchange.

I’m the “Dessert Domme” -your secret indulgence..

your kinky courtesan, xx

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